Saturday, October 1, 2011

something different

This weather is seriously unbelievable!  When I woke up this morning I had a frost alert on my phone and it was 41 degrees.  Wasn't it just 80 last week?  This is by far my favorite season but I just had to turn on the heat and that I dislike!

How was everyone's week?  Mine was long and sleepless.  I have been sleeping somewhat decent the past couple of weeks and then this week....BAM no sleep.  I am right back to getting max 5 hours of sleep a night.  What is the deal?  I am exhausted when I actually decide to lay down but toss and turn for hours.  After a couple days of this I inevitably become so exhausted that I crash.  It is a vicious cycle.  UGH!

Now onto a foot update.  I went back to the doctor this week and no progress :(  I have been wearing this darn brace for 3 weeks and it is just as painful as it was day 1.  Doc says that I will need to wear the brace for at least another 6 weeks.  Yikes....the thought of wearing this stupid thing for another 6 weeks makes me cringe.  I am supposed to only be wearing gym shoes and can't walk more than a block.  Good thing we are leaving flip flop weather and moving into closed toe shoe weather.

What's for dinner this week?

  Marsala laced mushrooms courtesy of my friend Robin.

This recipe was quick, delicious and pretty healthy.  Robin ate her's on a baked potato and I thought that was a great idea.  The night I made these I was craving some mashed taters! 

Marsala-laced mushrooms
Serves 4-6

2 Tbls butter, divided
1/3 C Marsala cooking wine
1 Tbls soy sauce
1 lb thickly sliced mushrooms
1/3 C plain dry breadcrumbs
2 Tbls parm
1/4 tsp dried sage

oven- 425 melt 1 Tbls butter. combine cooking wine and soy sauce, stir in butter.

Pour mixture over mushrooms in a large bowl. Let stand 10 min., stirring frequently.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl stir breadcrumbs, cheese and sage. Melt remaining butter and stir into breadcrumb mixture. Set aside. 

Put mushrooms in an 8 or 9 ' pie plate or square baking dish. Bake on upper rack 15 min. 

Remove and pour off half the juice. Sprinkle w/ breadcrumb mixture and bake 10 more min. 

Robin has suggested rolling the shrooms in the breadcrumb mixture and I couldn't agree more.  They turn out extra crunchy and yummy.  Reheating these bad boys wasn't as pleasant.  They were ok but the first time around was best.  Throwing them back in the oven for 10 mins or in a skillet with a little evoo worked ok.  Experiment and see what way you like best.  


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